Bangers and Mash

Hello! We used the new Big Fork – Bacon n’ Ale Sausage for a Bangers & Mash. Super simple: Although the Big Fork sausage is a fully cooked product, I browned slightly, and “braised” in the oven for about 45 minutes. The result is a super tender bacon sausage. Buttery mashed potatoes, baby carrots, and Bonewerks Pork Glace round off the dish. Delicious!

Borgata Luncheon

Menu Mezze Platter Hummus, Babaganush, Pita Points, Olives, Roasted Peppers, Feta, Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves, stuffed olives) Spring Mix Salad Grape tomatoes, cucumber, Garbanzo, Kalamata, Mixed Grains, dressing on side Lamb Chops White Bean Salad pimientos, sun-dried tomato, garlic, white balsamic, red onion, olive oil, mint, basil, micro greens Cupcakes Classic Cakes

Watermelon Feta & Caprese Salads

Salads don’t have to be boring. Maybe you can add these creative and beautiful salads on your next menu? Ask me if you have any questions!

Dumplings, Goat Log, Cake Strips

Chef Jesus Gordiany created samplers for presentation at BK. He used the following products and added simple decorations using greens and sauces. Those dishes are done in a matter of few minutes, and the little tweaks made amazing transformations.